Our Product

Why We are Unique

There are several frass products coming onto the market, but they are not all equal. What makes our product stand out from the crowd:


  • Compared to food waste, layer hen manure has a highly consistent nutritional profile that does not vary by season. Collecting it fresh daily means there is no need for expensive storage and processing steps.
  • Our process is especially designed for frass production! Unlike some frass that is a lower quality by-product of protein production, we have created our process around producing the best quality frass possible. We do this by prioritizing consistent analysis and maximum benefits to plants and soils.
  • Our low-temperature drying process is designed to gently dry our product to a shelf-stable moisture and conserve our beneficial materials, while killing off pathogens that reside in manure. Improving soils and growing healthier plants are our number one priority!

Our Research

We have partnered with several third-party experts to ensure that we are delivering a quality product and we have farmers testing our product all over the country, on crops ranging from Cannabis and hemp to corn, beans, and cotton (see map on our partners page for all of our R&D locations).

Application Process

Direct Application:
Mix into soil or potting mix at a rate of one cup per gallon.  Top dress at a rate of ¼ cup per plant.  For larger acreages, broadcast at a rate of 200 lbs/acre.

Liquid Application:
For a rapid extraction to use immediately mix ¼ cup frass per gallon of water and let sit for 30 minutes out of direct sunlight. Use as a root drench for transplants, or strain out the solids and use for watering.

For brewing tea, frass can be used as the sole source of nutrients and microorganisms, or can be blended with other ingredients as desired. For an all-frass tea, use the following guidelines based on brewer size:

Brewer size Frass amount
5 gallons 4 cups (about 1.5 lbs)
50 gallons 5 lbs
250 gallons 10 lbs

Suggested brew time is 48 hours.  Mature frass tea is an especially good source of protozoa, which consumes bacteria and excrete nutrients close to the plant’s root zone.  Frass that has been used for brewing tea can be recycled after brewing as a mulch or seed starting medium that is packed full of microbes and will not burn plants.

What is Frass?

Frass is another word for insect poop. It has properties similar to compost, which makes it a great garden amendment. However, there are no standards for frass quality, and not all frass is created equal.


Frass products that are currently on the market may come from a variety of different insects, or may not even state their origin. These products are generally a byproduct of insect rearing for animal feeds or other uses. As such, the feedstocks used to create the frass are inconsistent and the frass that is left over may contain unwanted materials.


Our frass is derived from 100% black soldier flies (BSF), and our process is designed to create the best quality frass that we can – not a byproduct of something else. Black soldier fly frass is harvested from larvae of the black soldier fly, a native and non-pest insect.

About Our Product

Our 100% black soldier fly frass is harvested from black soldier fly larvae that feed on chicken manure. Hens are fed a standard vegetarian diet and their manure is highly consistent over time, resulting in a frass whose quality does not waver. Because frass has been processed by the flies’ digestive system, it is safer than raw manure – i.e., it is less likely to burn your plants, it smells better, and it is virtually free of pathogens. Our frass is 100% organic and NOP compliant.

If you would like to learn more about our product, please feel free to reach out on our Contact Us page.