Our Team


Michael Lynch, MBA

CEO and Co-Founder of CHONEX

Michael is a successful entrepreneur and has worked most of his career developing solutions for rural communities focusing on education, healthcare, and leadership development.


Lori Moshman, MS Entomology

CHONEX’s Chief Entomologist

In between earning her bachelor's and master's degrees in plant science and entomology from Cornell and LSU, Lori ran a self-sustaining black soldier fly operation at White Oak Pastures, the largest organic farm in the southeast. Lori uses her scientific training and black soldier fly rearing experience to oversee CHONEX's R&D in frass production and product development.


Frankie Darsey, BBA in Management

CHONEX’s Facilities Development Manager

Frankie is experienced in developing Community Supported Agriculture sales models as well as wholesale and retail accounts for larger operations.

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Bill Marion, MS Microbiology

CHONEX's Microbiology Director

Bill comes from a bio-technology startup company that specializes in biological process automation and was responsible for the development of a highly customized and repeatable biological process for the FDA.


Brad Dunn, BS Mechanical Engineering

Advisor to CHONEX, Former Chair of MOUAT Co.

Brad has 50 years of experience designing materials handling plants for some of the largest companies in the US.


Noah Brown, MBA


Noah has 20 years of Corporate Finance experience working for some of Alabama's largest businesses across multiple industries (healthcare, construction aggregates, metal fabrication/distribution, pipeline manufacturing & construction supply).

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Harley Martin

Co-Founder of CHONEX, Farmer & CAFO Operator

Harley is a successful, 7th generation farmer who grew up on one of the largest family farms in the U.S.


Philip Powell, MS Agricultural Economics

Executive Assistant

After receiving his MS in Agricultural Economics from The University of Arkansas, Philip came to work for CHONEX. Philip assists the team in day-to-day operations and project planning/management.


Blaine Price, BS Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineer

Blaine recently graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Agricultural Engineering. He manages the day-to-day operations of the nursery and works on streamlining the production process.


J. David Brown III

Advisor to CHONEX, President of Jemison Investment Co., Inc.

As President of Jemison Investment Co., Inc., David has served as a director to more than 18 individual companies in addition to serving as director or trustee to numerous civic organizations.


Deak Rushton

Advisor to CHONEX, President of James Rushton 1 Foundation

As a community activist and philanthropist, Deak Rushton has supported numerous charities and small businesses in Birmingham, Alabama.


Bill Kyser

Advisor to CHONEX, Farmer and Owner/Operator

As the owner and operator of one of the largest catfish farms in the country, Bill Kyser has over 50 years of farming experience.